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La Banshee is a multidisciplinary THEATRE & PRODUCTION company dedicated to empowering women by celebrating, exploring and revealing the feminine in its diverse forms.

la banshee gives a voice to women, to women who don't have one, to women who are hurting, to women who hide, who scream, who laugh and dance; to historical, mythical and magical women; to women from there and then, to women from here and now.

Through the use of multiple art forms and calling upon storytelling, folklore, audio, technology, site-specific and physical theatre, our aim is to create unique, thought-provoking and magical experiences for the audience, inviting them to challenge their usual perception of the world and see it from a different perspective. 

Founded in 2016 in Liverpool by UK based French performer and writer Amandine Vincent, the company encourages international and cross-art collaborations.


Photo credit: Andrew Ness

Artistic director


Amandine Vincent is a French performer, author and storyteller. After training as an actress in Lyon, she attended the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD). She has performed across the UK, including at the Globe Theatre, in Italy, France and China. She has trained with some of the leading physical theatre companies in the UK (Tmesis, Frantic Assembly, Moon Fool) and in Europe (Song of the Goat, Animal Religion). She launched La Banshee in 2016 with her first solo show "The Secret Life of Mia". 


why banshee...


The name 'banshee' can be translated as 'fairy woman'. It comes from bean sìdhe or bean sìth, in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, which means 'female of the fairy folk' or 'female of the fairy mound'. She is now usually represented as a dishevelled screaming female figure whose scream is an omen of death but her origins are far more complex and fascinating. Very much like Morgana who takes Arthur on his final journey to the magical island of Avalon in the Arthurian legend, or the Valkyrie who, in Norse mythology, chooses the men who may die in battle before taking them to Valhalla, the banshee eases the passage of men to the Otherworld. Read about her origins here.

We have chosen her to represent our company because she embodies the power of feminine energy, the cycle of life and death, the world's magic, mysteries and danger. She is the voice and messenger of the Otherworld. She is the scream that announces death, the scream that awakes consciousness. She travels between the visible and the invisible worlds, building a bridge between them. She is a pagan goddess, a fairy, a sorceress, one of the Fates. She embodies the power of destruction, the power of change. She is the end and she is the beginning. 





The secret life of mia

A journey into the secret life of women starving for beauty


Created, directed and performed by Amandine Vincent

Poignant and confrontational
An eye-opening, significant piece of theatre
— North West End ★★★★★

Put on the headphones and follow Mia on a journey through the streets as she takes you deeper and deeper into the secret world of women starving for beauty.

Combining promenade, site-specific, movement and silent disco technology, this immersive and intimate theatre piece will stay with you long after you leave Mia's world.

Expertly constructed and perfectly paced
This stylish blend of real locations, clever storytelling and innovative technology would be hard to surpass
— St Helens Unlimited

Developed in 2013 in Liverpool as part of the first 'On the Verge' festival produced by Hope Street Ltd., "The Secret Life of Mia" was revived IN OCTOBER 2016 in Liverpool before being successfully adapted to a new environment in St Helens. this show is now available for booking. 

A raw and honest portrayal of insecurity and self-abuse
— St Helens Unlimited

Photography: Andrew Ness/Pete Carr


press & reviews

“Intense, mesmerising and highly emotive”
“Wonderfully intimate”
“A unique and new concept of performance”

— Audience feedback
Trailer and Promo video by Anna Levin, Vassago Films


"The Secret Life of Mia" Copyright © Amandine Vincent 2013-2016. All rights reserved.


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